14 September 2009

Travel in the Sherman Tank

Travel in the Sherman Tank has nothing to do with military history. We bought a minivan for the dog (the rationale for which is clear to me although admittedly for decades I didn't understand why other people did this) when he grew to such a size that he blocked our entire rear view in the Prius. The minivan solved that: Sherman can stand but we still have clearance above his head. Until today. En route to a relative's house, with boxes filling the back of the van, we once more had blocked rear view. That's because Sherman simply jumped atop the boxes and rummaged merrily through the contents. He is big. And curious about his environment. We can hardly wait to get him back to the floor of the van.

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1 comment:

Kat said...

It is a funny image, but I hope he didn't destroy too much.