25 September 2009

Personal Technology: but someone else's personal event

Besides being a striking study in black and white, this photograph documents another shattered iPhone. Oh, it still works. But I've now seen similar sight for older owners of iPhones, younger owners of iPhones, and in-between-agers, too.

I am certain that I dropped previous cell phones. I had one that frequently split into parts when it hit the pavement. But I could always snap it back together. (One challenging day, that phone scattered into enough pieces that I had to scoop them into a plastic bag. I carried it into the lecture hall, held it high, and was rescued by a student who volunteered to reconstruct it for me. I wouldn't be surprised if it were her most productive and happy day of the semester.)

Of course, with the iPhone, the risk is higher. It shatters instead of scatters (good) but it also resists reconstruction....

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