31 July 2009

You think you know someone.

I have always trusted The Sociologist's priorities. I had no reason to doubt her earlier this week, certainly, when she called to say that she had just seen a 3-story Sonic in Oklahoma City. Well, yes, that is news in the South, where we populate our towns with the low-slung drive-ins that offer the best ice in the land.

She assured that she would be getting back to the location for a photograph before leaving the city. And much later, after she left the city, she called to say, "would you believe that 3-story Sonic is world headquarters?" Well, all right! Sonic has a home office! It's not just tips and receipts and a cash register managed by a teenager.

So, I said, you got the photograph. Well, no, she admitted.

You think you know someone.

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1 comment:

lil chef said...

Exactly! I was disappointed too! How often does an opportunity like that come along?