10 July 2009

Cozumel Ruins

The pre-Columbian Mayan ruins at the center of Cozumel island (Mexico) are not large. Pretty, but not large. The grander sort are gone. They were bulldozed in WW2 to create an airstrip.

The ruins we visited are protected in a park. We spent about an hour walking around the 18 monuments. That was our excursion on the one day in port for our practice cruise.

We traveled from Galveston to Cozumel (and back) on the Carnival Ecstasy. We were not much suited to the party atmosphere but we learned what we needed to learn before planning longer trips. (I napped and slept very well. Tom Bold was bored. I need cheaper Internet access.)

A reader asked if Sherman had practiced something, too, because of this trip. It was his first time without either me or Tom at the house. He became attached to his dog-sitter over the 5 days. Had we given him a full practice experience it would have been at a kennel. We are actually scouting out the local options for that experiment.

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