20 July 2009

A commute to live by

It's a map season (if you spotted the blog on remote maps last week).

Actually, I'm writing about commuting today. I'm not a commuter anymore but sometimes there is regular driving to a client's site. When that involves Dallas traffic, the strategy is to start early, tune the radio to Weather & Traffic on the 8s, and prepare to abandon the freeway.

I have a particular route across the DFW Metroplex that is actually 3 routes. Depending on clogs on the freeway, I have pathways "mapped" in my mind and on the car's GPS uint, too, so that I can adjust between the extreme 35 minute trip (granted that happened only once, on a Saturday morning) and the horrendous 2-hour trip (which has happened several times). On a good day, the drive takes 55 minutes. On an average day it takes 65 to 70 minutes.

And then there's the industrial route. It's very relaxing. I start with only 12 minutes on my neighborhood highway and then I exit for the little-known airport cut-across, to the north industrial neighborhood, which leads to a southward stretch of about 4 miles with stoplights, and then turns into a relaxing boulevard drive across a couple of towns' industrial warehouses with few cars on the road. Speed is 45 mph (the hybrid loves it) but with areas of stoplights that slow the trip. But the longest stoplight line I have ever been in is 10 cars and trucks. That's no exaggeration. The typical line is 2. Or 3. Did I mention there is no stress whatsoever?

What price do I pay for my industrial commute? Drive time is always at least 75 minutes. It can stretch to 80 minutes. Did I mention there is no stress whatsoever....

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Anonymous said...

Did I mention that I love my commute from bedroom to couch? How do we assess the "worth" of a job with such a commute? Is physical presence always going to be required? What would be the impact on a family (one that eats together or plays together)?