13 July 2009

Virtual Birthday

Virtual events come by many names. A young friend recently reminded me of when the virtual becomes F2F, however. That's when you have a LAN party at your house and your friends bring their computers for F2F interaction in addition to simultaneous online gaming.

I once planned a political non-dinner because some events prevented the real thing. I printed up a whole menu (featuring baked chicken, of course) with the usual payment stub. The campaign raised some thousands of dollars, remarkably as this was back in the early '70s.

In the years since I've seen similar technique but the Internet and cell phone photography really bring the whole exercise to everyone. So, the photo here is fried ice cream at the local Cristina's. Virtual for the birthday celebrant in California. Very real for the family members in Texas.

Should have saved this for Personal Technology on Friday, of course.

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1 comment:

lil chef said...

Wonder if there would be a market for virtual birthday cakes?? Frank would love it!