01 June 2009

Not exactly the lake view

To change scenery and refresh the brain, I visited a lake yesterday: Ray Roberts in north Texas. You've already spotted the not-lake photograph. That's Lost Pines Nature Trail near the entrance to Isle du Bois unit of Ray Roberts Lake State Park. The trail is only a half-mile loop but makes for a nice shady introduction to the park. The longer trails are open to both humans and horses.

Of course, the lake is the famous feature of the park and it certainly drew a weekend crowd. Swimming beach was over-full (both people and cars). Campside fishing was my view of choice. I parked in an overlook area and enjoyed the scenery. And felt sorry for the nearby fishing family. Actually, the family consisted of a fishing father and a mother standing in knee-deep water juggling three children between roughly 3 and 10. The children looked very happy. Guess who I felt sorry for.

I can report great 3G network, allowing me to spend an hour in email using air card on a laptop.

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