19 June 2009

Chasing Internet Access in San Francisco

The Kimpton advertising is the biggest text outside my hotel window. As you might guess, the closest Kimpton isn't across the street. But there are two of them in the thick of San Francisco: the Triton at the start of Chinatown and the Argonaut at Fisherman's Wharf. And I am immediately homesick for a good Kimpton.

I've been in two hotels in the past three days, chasing stable Internet so that I may work at a reasonable pace. Keeping pace is what allows me to continue to travel to conferences and meetings. What's interesting about having back-up is you don't know if you really have it until you need it. My back-up is an air card, which is actually a USB stick that serves as a laptop's cell phone on the road. (Thus, Internet access is provided through that phone connection.)

But in the past three days, I've hit more dead spots than live spots. The air card has not performed and I don't know whether to blame AT&T or the city of San Francisco. In any case, when the Hyatt Regency couldn't solve my intermittent access, I called an old favorite: the Hilton on O'Farrell.

So, I have a room and I have good Internet. But the sign outside my window reminds me that with a little planning I could have had Kimptom benefits. Free Internet, free cookies in afternoon, free wine in the evening, odd little games like pick a duck for a prize (everyone wins, near as I can tell), and the stylish lobby that comes with a boutique hotel.

As I am wont to say lately... next time.

[The image above, by the way, is a glass of wine on the left and a goldfish on the right.]

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lil chef said...

Those cookies are pretty good too! Plus a Starbucks across the street....not important to you, I know. But to some.