26 June 2009

Cab Driver #2

Last weekend's stop in Las Vegas involved a second cab ride (back to the airport). A 60-something woman drove me and poured out her story when I asked, "How's business?"

It's awful. You're my 9th customer since 5 a.m. That's in 10 hours. I'm not making the average yet today and we have to or we get suspended for two weeks. I can't afford that but I can't do anything about getting more business. See how the cabs are weaving in and out? They're all hurrying to get this passenger out and find the next one. But there's not enough to go around.

If I didn't have Social Security, I'd go under. I'm living under God's arm. I am. My big bills are practically covered with my Social Security. Then I have to make the rest. I've been cutting back but you can't cut back forever. It's pretty bad here. But I'm not going to drive people extra to charge them more. I wouldn't want that to happen to me if I went to another city.

I left the same tip you would have.

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