04 May 2009

On Not Hunting

A fair number of friends will despair that I've been to Cabela's, where one can buy hunting, fishing, and camping supplies beyond one's imagining. And also see displays of animals, museum style. That's the polite way of saying stuffed.

But for every friend dismayed by my trip to Cabela's, there are two friends or relatives not impressed at all. Because they were at a similar establishment a week ago or, even more grandiosely, may state, "Why, I've got one bigger than that out in the garage."

Regardless of one's orientation toward hunting (my brothers converted a bedroom into a shell room, machinery and all), you can't be less than impressed by the wildlife displays at Cabela's. They even include animatronics, Disney style: an old-timer storytelling.

What in the world took me to Cabela's? A strong urge to go camping, which has more to do with the difficulty of hotel life with Sherman the dog than with a love for the outdoors. I know you are all relieved that I'm not taking up hunting.

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1 comment:

Alivia said...

Its really a great idea to go at Cabela's for free rather than paying for the zoo! That is too funny!