05 March 2010

Teaching boomers new things

Babies can teach baby boomers new things.

An infant visitor to the dome yesterday brought her own equipment. Aside from the stunning Graco car seat (something I'm not likely to be able to afford) I found these two products inventive:

The pull toy produces short songs. The almost-5-month-old pulled the ring expertly (from the arching piece of that Graco car seat) and I was charmed. Sure enough, the Bright Starts web site produced this image for me, along with a large number of products that I am certain were not available when I had small children. This model is a Tug Tune. But the description of the chime version is compelling.

The other inventive product is not a glue stick. But when it emerged from the diaper bag, that's what came to mind. Rather, it's a Magic Stick All Natural Diaper Ointment. Clear. And it's applied to the baby's skin without any mess because the delivery is all about that glue stick design. When did this get invented?

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