15 January 2010

Transition before Event. Of course.

A demographer would have spotted it... I didn't until I got right up to the edge.

For the past decade I have pegged 2011 as a turning point year. That's because it's the year that the country's first official baby boomers reach the classic retirement age and presumably make decisions that will affect the whole of society simply by nature of their numbers. I'm not in that cohort but Tom Bold is, so I have had a personal perspective on the upcoming turning point.

You've no doubt realized what I'm writing about today. The transition never starts in the event year. It starts a year before, or even more. So, of course, the first boomers are already unemployed (if not officially retired), already moving, already realigning insurance of all types, and already moving their money.

Granted, the Great Recession prompted and accelerated some of these things. But a goodly number of the decisions we are now making are the 2011 decisions. Transition begun.

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