25 January 2010

Three Realtors on Staging

I put on shoulder pads for the realtors. Not Bea Arthur shoulder pads, but shoulder pads nonetheless.

I also stripped the house of clutter and (most of) personal paraphernalia. I knew I could not reach the level of "staging the house" but I desperately needed to communicate that I knew the basics even though I do not.

Our three prospective realtors made these comments about staging.

Realtor #1: Well, you might try hanging a decoration on the front door.

Realtor #2: To price the house where I want it to be, you'll need to hire a stager. That's $3000 to $5000 depending on what they have to bring in.

Realtor #3: We pay the stager. She works for us.

All three said the barn door hangers could stay in the house. I'll explain that another day.

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