12 October 2009

Comparing Health Care Policy Proposals

Yes, there's the NYTimes blog about health care policy and legislation. But there's another tool that I recommend: Kaiser Family Foundation's Side by Side Comparison of Major Health Care Reform Proposals. In a big blue box, you can select 2 to 12 "sources" such as Senate Finance Committee and House Tri-Committee and then advance to the next blue box to select your topics (e.g., individual mandate, expansion of public programs). When your checkboxes are marked, a button appears above the top blue box: Generate Comparisons. Click it for a clear and easy-to-read chart. When the chart is visible, notice new buttons: Print This Comparison and Create a Different Comparison.

KFF hasn't held shares in the various Kaiser health companies since the 1980s. KFF is regarded as a leading research and policy foundation involved in health issues globally.

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