15 February 2010

Staging. Stripping. Eliminating.

This wall is now actually a highly decorated space in our home. Its spines (part of the dome ceiling) are built-in design, in contrast to the vast blank spaces that we now call home.

You see, the stager came. Only younger boomers understand staging. Older boomers missed that introduction to the real estate industry—but if they relocate now, they're going to meet a stager. In fact, I think that a visit from a stager should be mandatory in preparing a house for sale. Not so much for the staging as the stripping.

You see, a real stager does not necessarily match the picture we get from TV. Those "selling" shows bring in stagers who put pizzazz in the properties. Our stager insisted that pizzazz doesn't sell. Rather, it interrupts the buyer's train of thought and brings too much attention to the furnishings (or the current owner). Of course, if a buyer falls in love with the furniture, the stager has the opportunity to make a profit, along with the realtor, but my guess is that's not so common.

I have come to appreciate what our real-life stager did: strip the house of personality. Virtually all traces of us are gone. And about 1/3 of the furnishings are gone. What's left is lots of floor space, lots of blank canvas.

The reason I think that staging should be required is that it sews up the seller. If you go through this elimination process, you invest time and then cannot imagine bringing the old stuff back home. So, you're committeed to sell. Good for realtors.

In the meantime, we are clearing to the level of the photo above. And getting ready to tackle the garage. Oh, my.

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lil chef said...

with all that you're doing now, you will be able to move more easily when the time comes :(